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3D You: A new Shapify scanning point in the Middle East

The bustling city of Dubai blows you away with the tallest building in the world and the artificial archipelagos shaped like the world map and a palm tree. Now there’s one more attraction worth checking out – the Shapify Booth in the Business Bay area, which can turn you into a shapie, a mini-you in 3D, in a matter of minutes.

“Business Bay is a center of Dubai and a home for some of most well-known landmarks of the city. Hence it was a natural choice to open our innovative 3D studio here,” says Mohammed Al-Towaiji, the head of the 3D You studio owning the  Shapify Booth.

To make sure the booth operator can devote as much time to each client as necessary, the studio works by appointment. It even has a dressing area if you need to put on a special outfit. Once you’re ready, you’re welcome to step inside the booth and take any pose you like, from arms at side to a yoga asana. Just be sure to hold it for up to 10 seconds – that’s how long the booth’s four high resolution 3D scanners will take to capture you from all angles. Then you can join the booth operator to see how your 3D model is being created in real time.

Should your portrait need touching up before printing (fix that tummy anyone?) the studio’s modelers will take of it. The studio’s state-of-the-art 3D printing facility is capable of printing full-color detailed figurines of amazing quality. It offers special prices for duo shapies and kid scaled shapies.

Once the figurine is ready you’ll receive a text message with delivery details. It’ll take a maximum of three business days to get your figurine if the delivery address is in a GCC country.

3D You is one of the two Shapify Booth studios in the Gulf area. In July the 3D Utopia studio opened in Kuwait.

Where to find: Office 1212, Clover Bay Tower, Business Bay, Dubai

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