Artec 3D to create 3D apps for the iPhone X 3D scanner

As iPhone’s 3D scanner makes 3D selfies accessible to a wider public, Artec 3D is developing apps that can greatly enhance user experience on consumer-level devices. 3D scanning experts at Artec 3D, who have brought you the Shapify instant full-body scanning technology, are working on customizable apps for the… Read more

Meet Team Shapify at Autodesk’s Forge DevCon

Get hands-on with tools to create new offerings, solutions and integrations at Forge DevCon, a two-day conference held by Autodesk for users of its Forge Platform. The event is meant to inspire and equip developers, leaders and investors to change the way things are designed, made and used. We'll… Read more

Shapify.Pro: New Prices, New Discounts, New Options

Great news for all our existing and future Shapify Professional Partners! First: New Prices. The exclusive partner prices have dropped 20-40% (depending on the figurine size). So, for instance, to order a 15cm/6in figurine now costs just $140 (instead of $249), an unpreceded price for the figurines market! It… Read more

Check out Artec Shapify Booth at CES 2016

Las Vegas is not only famous for its casinos – in early January the city hosts one of the largest and longest-running trade shows for innovations and consumer technologies, the International CES® (Consumer Electronics Show). According to the organizers, the 2015 CES was the largest show in history with… Read more