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Meet Team Shapify at Autodesk’s Forge DevCon

Get hands-on with tools to create new offerings, solutions and integrations at Forge DevCon, a two-day conference held by Autodesk for users of its Forge Platform. The event is meant to inspire and equip developers, leaders and investors to change the way things are designed, made and used.

We'll be among the 40+ privileged exhibitors presenting their products and services at the Forge show floor. On our stand you'll be able to make a free 3D portrait in Shapify Booth, an instant full-body 3D scanning machine. Scanning takes a short 12 seconds, and a few minutes later a detailed full-color 3D portrait is ready for checking out on a computer screen thanks to Artec’s powerful automated post-processing algorithms. A preview of the 3D model can be shared on Facebook, and the 3D model file can be sent to a 3D printer, where it will be turned into a mini-me figurine.

We'll take care of printing out and delivering figurines. Prices start at $169 for S size (6"/15cm). M (7.5"/19cm) and L (9"/23cm) size figurines cost $219 and $299 respectively. Delivery is $35. 3D models can be downloaded from the Shapify website for $40.

Where: Booth IZ7, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 
When: June 15-16, 2016 
Register here.

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