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Shapify.Pro: New Prices, New Discounts, New Options

Great news for all our existing and future Shapify Professional Partners!

First: New Prices.
The exclusive partner prices have dropped 20-40% (depending on the figurine size). So, for instance, to order a 15cm/6in figurine now costs just $140 (instead of $249), an unpreceded price for the figurines market! It makes the Shapify.Pro business model even more competitive, as the recommended end user prices are also set lower, while the partner's margin has increased.
Check out the Pro website for more details.

Second: New Discounts.
Batch orders are now much cheaper. For instance, you'll easily get 25% off the partner price if you order just 100 figurines per month. Please contact us via to learn more.

Third: New Options.
Delivery for professional partners - now for everywhere in the world, including Japan, China, Brazil, Australia, Russia and other countries you were asking about!
Fixed delivery price applies - independent of the order size.
A new figurine size is available - Medium, 1:15 scale, approximately 15cm/5in, at a partner price of $80 and $129 recommended end user price.

And there's more to come.
Stay tuned,
your Shapify Team

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