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Artec 3D to create 3D apps for the iPhone X 3D scanner

As iPhone’s 3D scanner makes 3D selfies accessible to a wider public, Artec 3D is developing apps that can greatly enhance user experience on consumer-level devices.

3D scanning experts at Artec 3D, who have brought you the Shapify instant full-body scanning technology, are working on customizable apps for the new iPhone’s 3D sensor.

Apple’s latest release promises to revolutionize the market of consumer-level 3D scanning devices by offering users a built-in 3D sensor, and Artec 3D is here to bring you 3D scan apps, based on the company’s 10 years of experience in high-precision 3D scanning and data processing.

The potential of 3D apps for smartphones and other popular devices is immense. First of all, built-in 3D sensors make it much easier to take 3D selfies no matter where you are. Imagine you don’t need to take a 3D scanner with you – just use your smartphone the way you use it for taking photos.

With special apps, users will be able to verify the quality of 3D scans, prepare ready-for-print files and send them to a 3D printer in order to make their own figurines.

In fashion, 3D apps will allow users to create new designs, try them on their 3D models, and alter them the way they want.

Likewise, online shoppers will be able to use their 3D models to try on clothes in virtual stores and see how well different designs look on them – all without having to go to a mall or wait for delivery.

3D portraits are also a great option for gamers, who can create their avatars and incorporate them into digital environments.

3D scanning exposes users to a whole world of new exciting opportunities, helping them develop their talents and making their lives more fun. Artec's creative team of 3D tech experts can make 3D scanning apps to spec. If you have a great idea, we are here to bring it to life.

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