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Looking forward to meeting fellow Luxembourgers at Science Festival

We’re reaching out to all audiences, young and old, at the 10th Science Festival in Luxembourg, which will showcase the best of locally made cutting-edge products, including our 3D selfie machine, Artec Shapify Booth, and you're welcome to try it out on our stand at the festival.

The Shapify Booth produces a digital copy of the person inside, which can later be turned into a shapie, a mini-me 3D printed figurine. Shapies are a new great way to capture life’s happiest moments and can make a really special keepsake.

At the Science Festival, we’ll be scanning attendees for free – families can even get a group 3D portrait – and after the show we’ll print out figurines for those who will have ordered them.

Figurine prices start at $169 for an S-size figurine (6"/15cm). M-size (7.5"/19cm) and L-size (9"/23cm) figurines cost $219 and $299 respectively. Delivery is $35. 3D models can be downloaded from the Shapify website for $40.

3D portraits can also be shared on Facebook – every person scanned in the Shapify Booth will receive a free preview of their shapie by email so they can embed it in a Facebook post.

Where: National Museum of Natural History, Luxembourg
When: November 12-15

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