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New Shapify release now out!

Shapifying has now got even easier with version for Windows. Download it from the site, or update your pre-existing version following the prompt in the program.

What's new for Shapify

  1. A more effective algorithm for processing the 3D model.
  2. Improved scanning settings to make using the program easier.
  3. We've sped up the rendering process to reduce the load on your computer.
  4. A great new choice of bases for your figurines available on the server (as a consequence now 3D models are only available to view on the Shapify website - this is so that your computer doesn't have to do so much hard work and you get to see your model quicker!)
  5. We've fixed several bugs:
    • incorrect data upload to the server
    • preview screen does not display the model properly
    • loss of customised settings and list of uploaded models after the program is updated.

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