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Scanning tips. Part two

Hi there,

It hasn’t been long since we unveiled and we have already had some major media outlets highlighting Here’s the most recent piece by Los Angeles Times in their business section. Read the article here.

Today we would like to continue our discussion on how to get the best results with home party

Our application is definitely a great idea for a home party – get together with your friends, take out a Kinect and experience the magic of 3D. Would you like to make a group scan? That’s definitely worth trying and here’re some simple rules – make sure that all people are within Kinect’s field of vision. Don’t forget to do some test scans.

If you are going to scan more than one person at once, make sure that one person makes 45 degree turns clockwise and the others rotate around this person accordingly so that the original position is maintained for each scan. Additionally, make sure that there are no obstacles in the Kinect's field of vision and that it can freely capture your faces.

alt There are many ways to make the scanning process extra fun. Try using some funky props like giant hats, silly sunglasses, Halloween costumes, etc. Dressing up like a ninja or a princess is also great. Many of us have tried making funny faces and it always turned out brilliantly. Make an angry face, laugh or look sad – is a great way to express yourself!


These tips will help you make the most out of your 3D experience.

Here’s a small thing that doesn’t enjoy – try to avoid transparent or glossy surfaces for scanning sessions. It is better to take off your glasses.

That’s it for today.

Post your best scans on twitter and instagram with the #Shapifyme hashtag and something extraordinary will follow.

Stay tuned.

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