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Shapies come to Freehold, NJ

We’re thrilled to share that New Jersey is now home to a Shapify Booth! Our new partner, Mirror Image 3D, has brought 3D selfies, or shapies, to the local community, installing a Shapify Booth at the second largest shopping mall in New Jersey, Freehold Raceway Mall. Now any shopper popping into the mall can make a full-body scan and order a print of their 3D model to get their full-color figurine a few days later.

To quote Tom Kaps of Mirror Image 3D, customers want to experience 3D technologies firsthand but in a way that’s easy, fun and affordable, and the Shapify Booth is making this possible.

There’s actually nothing easier than taking a 3D selfie in Shapify Booth. The most difficult part is probably choosing the pose to strike. Otherwise all it takes to make a shapie is hold still for 12 seconds so that the booth’s scanners could go a full circle around you. A few more minutes – and your 3D model will be available for viewing, zooming and rotating on a computer screen and also ready to print. Select the size of the figurine you’d like to have and return to the scanning point a few days later to pick it up or order delivery to your address.

A shapie is a one-of-a-kind memento that you can keep or give as a present to your next of kin. Unlike photos, which are now everywhere in our lives, shapies offer a unique and truly memorable way to celebrate a special moment like birthday, graduation or marriage. We’re happy to know that now shapies are easily available to the residents of another American town, making their life more fun.

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