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Shapify community grows one city bigger

Last month we celebrated the launch of a Shapify Booth in Freehold, NJ, and today we’re happy to announce a new U.S. location on the Shapify scanning point map! Today Portlanders will be able to witness the grand opening of a Shapify Booth at the Washington Square Mall and take a 3D selfie onsite. Congratulations to local folks and many thanks to our Portland-based partners from Digital Scan 3D!

If you live nearby or will be travelling to the Portland area, you’ll now have a very good reason to check out the mall and get yourself a really special keepsake, a 3D printed figurine which looks exactly like you. You’re more than welcome to bring along your family and friends and make a group 3D portrait.

The technology works like magic: you step inside the booth, strike a pose, hold still for 12 seconds and five minutes later you see your very detailed 3D image on a computer screen. A 3D portrait is like your full-body photo which you can rotate 360° and view from every angle.

Want your 3D image to be printed out? No problem – choose the size of your future figurine and come back to pick it up a couple weeks later or order delivery to your place.

We really hope you’ll enjoy your Shapify experience and we’ll be happy to see you share your impressions on social networks. #Shapify

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