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Singers bidding to win Eurovision 2015 get their shapies made with Artec Eva scanner

Shapify isn’t the only 3D body scanning technology developed by Artec. As Barak Obama found out earlier this year, you can also make a shapie with the Artec Eva handheld scanner. This way of making 3D portraits is what BeIn3D, our Moscow-based partners, specialize in.

When scanning with Eva, the client needs to stand still for a few minutes while the operator walks around him/her with the scanner, almost like making a 3D video from all angles. Alternatively, the client may stand on a rotating platform, in which case the operator stand in one place, scanning the person as they turn.

BeIn3D have scanned hundreds of people using Artec Eva, and recently they made something really special for the singers participating in the Eurovision 2015 song contest and their fans.

The team scanned Eurovision contestants from more than 10 countries, including Britain, Israel and Russia, and each one has been presented with their 3D printed shapie. The Russian entry, Polina Gagarina, was the first to receive her mini-me statuette at a press conference held in the run-up to the contest. Here she is with her very special, personalized souvenir. 

Courtesy of BeIn3D.

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